American bigots now hate performances by Hispanic singers at sports event

What do some MLB and NBA fans have in common? Well, it seems like it’s a general intolerance for Hispanics singing national songs.

Just over a month after Texas’ Sebastien de la Cruz received a slew of racist tweets for performing the National Anthem at game three of the NBA Finals, Grammy-winner Marc Anthony withstood his own downpour of xenophobic Twitter remarks after singing “God Bless America” at the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday.

The “Public Shaming” Tumblr site gathered several tweets in which baseball fans called choosing the 44-year-old star to sing “unAmerican” and some even used racial slurs and referred to the singer as “a Mexican.”

Other fans quickly tweeted defending Anthony and clarifying that not only is the artist of Puerto Rican descent but he was born and raised in the United States.

On Thursday, Anthony stopped by “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” to promote his upcoming world tour “Vivir Mi Vida.” During the interview, the singer himself brought up what he called the “trending topic” and addressed the tweets.

“You know, something happened that I really wanted to mention, and I wanted to clarify… you know, me singing the national anthem, there were some statements made that people were upset that they would have somebody from another country sing the national anthem,” Anthony told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. “ But to set the record straight, I was born and raised in New York, you can’t get more New York than me.”

The star added that he was also “more Puerto Rican than ever” before receiving cheers and applause from the audience.

The Brown Shirt idiots of America are alive and well. Though it’s easy to characterize this super-patriot crap as leftover from the crap-brained spawn of the Confederacy, in reality this is a sickness that stinks up the whole country. Age, gender, class aren’t restrictions.

That political movements like the Tea Party, louts like Cruz and Limbaugh, embrace this kind of behavior as appropriate to right-wing populist ideology continues to bring it out into the open – is all.

Glass-Steagall redux

Glass-Steagal redux
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Ending Glass-Steagall was another straw stacked on the camel’s back of American workers by the beloved Democrat, Bill Clinton. Folks still love him for being a centrist, now-respectable celebrity.

Frankly, I’ll stick with courageous Dems like Elizabeth Warren and Recovering Republicans like Barry Ritholtz.

Volvo Pure Tension concept unfolds solar charging pavilion from the trunk

Even by the ‘anything-goes’ standards of concept cars, this one is a head-spinner: the “Pure Tension” Volvo V60 Pavilion, commissioned by Volvo Italy and winner of the Pure Volvo Pavilion Design competition. The alien form seen hovering all over the rendered V60 is a pavilion, as in the kind erected for trade shows or outdoor events. Developed by Synthesis Design + Architecture, Buro Happold, and Fabric Images, the pavilion is a flexible mesh structure held in place by carbon fiber rods.

What’s more, the mesh is embedded with photovotaic cells so that the pavilion can absorb energy from the sun or indoor lighting, making it a portable charging station. It can power itself or the crossover, the V60 at the center of it all being a diesel hybrid that plugs straight into the pavilion. When it’s time to go, the entire structure can be folded small enough to fit in the trunk of the car.

We’re told it will be shown in September in Rome. Even if we never see this particular creation on the streets, it’s comfortable proof that our future will eventually be wilder than we can imagine.


EU takes tough stance on Israeli settlements

The European Union has dealt a harsh blow to the Israeli settlement enterprise in a directive that insists all future agreements between the EU and Israel must explicitly exclude Jewish colonies in the West Bank or East Jerusalem.

The move, described by an Israeli official as an “earthquake”, prompted furious criticism from the Israeli prime minister over “external diktats”.

But it was hailed by Palestinians and their supporters as a significant political and economic sanction against settlements.

The EU guidelines will prohibit the issuing of grants, funding, prizes or scholarships unless a settlement exclusion clause is included. Israeli institutions and bodies situated across the pre-1967 Green Line – including the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel in 1967 and later annexed — will be automatically ineligible.

In order to secure agreements with the EU in the future, the Israeli government will be required to concede in writing that settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are outside the state of Israel.

The directive, part of the 2014-20 financial framework, covers all areas of co-operation between the EU and Israel, including economics, science, culture, sports and academia…

The directive follows a decision by EU foreign ministers last December that “all agreements between the state of Israel and the EU must unequivocally and explicitly indicate their inapplicability to the territories occupied by Israel in 1967”. All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

Overdue, of course. Something the United States should emulate, of course.

Sooner or later, something approaching historic justice must begin to govern the economic relationship between Israel and the countries providing a stipend for a guilty conscience.