Intimate Portraits of Killing-Machines

I met photographer Kevin Abosch earlier this year during a visit to Paris. We hit it off instantly. Perhaps, it was because that both of us like delve into the philosophical and moral dimensions of technology. It is perhaps that line of though that has prompted Kevin to spend four years working on Intimate Portraits of Killing Machines. In an email to the media, Kevin wrote:

“Intimate Portraits of Killing-Machines” is a series of 50 “portraits” of some of the world’s deadliest weapons of warfare. Four years in the making, Abosch challenges the viewer to see humanity itself reflected in the “face” of these machines.” A selection will premiere in Dublin, Ireland in November and in Paris 1st quarter 2014. Exhibition dates, images and other news will soon follow.

Worth reflecting upon. Another thoughtful suggestion from Om Malik.

Convicted CIA station chief arrested in Panama

You can’t sweep away the stink of Fascism

A former CIA station chief, convicted in Italy of kidnapping an Egyptian Muslim cleric, has been arrested in Panama, Italian and Panamanian officials have said.

Robert Seldon Lady, the former CIA chief in Milan, entered Panama, crossed the border into Costa Rica and was sent back to Panama where he was detained, according to an Italian official…

Italy’s highest court last year upheld a guilty verdict against Seldon Lady for the kidnapping of Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, who was snatched from a Milan street in 2003 and flown to Egypt via Germany for interrogation, where he says he was tortured for seven months.

Nasr says he was tortured with electric shocks, beatings, rape threats and genital abuse.

The imam, also known as Abu Omar, was a resident in Italy at the time of the abduction.

Seldon Lady was given a nine-year prison sentence and another 22 Americans seven-year sentences in absentia for the abduction of the imam.

The Italian trial was the first of its kind against the “rendition” flights practised by the administration of former US President George W Bush, which have been condemned by human rights groups.

The Italian government asked for the former CIA agent – “Mister Bob” – to be held in Panama and now has two months to request his extradition.

It was not clear however where Seldon Lady would be taken. Italy and Panama have no bilateral extradition treaty, according to documents on the Italian Justice Ministry’s website.

Most of the world is sitting back, hoping this creep gets what is coming to him. Kidnapping and torture are never a legitimate part of warfare, declared or otherwise.

Of course, real justice would involve putting thugs like Bush and Cheney – and Alberto Gonzales – on trial in the United States for what they did in our name.