Greece ready to end free police protection for rich

The rich can hire their children

Wealthy Greeks fearing attacks by anarchist groups will no longer be entitled to free police bodyguards in the latest cost-cutting plan from a government trying to meet budget targets set by international creditors.

The Public Order Ministry said on Tuesday that individuals with a net income of more than 100,000 euros a year will have to pay for their own police protection from potential terrorist and organised crime attacks.

Under the plan, they will have to pay 2,000 euros per month for each officer acting as a bodyguard and a daily fee of 50 euros for use of a patrol car.

…Private citizens currently receiving police protection include prominent businessmen and journalists who have been repeatedly threatened by anarchist groups, though few of the warnings have been specific.

But there has been a resurgence of attacks lately amid growing public hostility toward those, whether in the public or private sector, seen as corrupt and incompetent and blamed for Greece’s economic crisis.

It is the latest in a series of austerity measures that the Greek government has had to enact in recent years in return for bailout cash to avoid bankruptcy

The country is in its sixth year of recession and the country’s unemployment rate has spiked to over 25 percent…

Just about everything that could go wrong in Greece has done so. On one side, nutball anarchists start brawls when they’re not busy trying to blow up anything that smells like representative democracy – on the other, fascist gangs never quite disappeared from the map of history, trace their roots back to Hitlerian collaborators. Local coppers are ordered to leave both sides free to kill each other. And get in trouble themselves when they clout some petty bourgeois lout.

The modern flavors of Left and Right wobble along trying solve questions of consumption through unfunded public jobs or dancing the Greek imitation of the David Stockman polka – which requires the tears of unemployed to synchronize with IMF anal retentives singing hymns of praise to German Christian Democracy.

2 thoughts on “Greece ready to end free police protection for rich

    • keaneo says:

      Greek history would more likely indicate another “kindly coup” with generals kissing babies and running elections – sooner or later.

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