Nutball judge changes infant’s name because it was “earned by Jesus Christ”

A judge in Tennessee changed a 7-month-old boy’s name to Martin from Messiah, saying the religious name was earned by one person and “that one person is Jesus Christ.”

Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew ordered the name change last week…The boy’s parents were in court because they could not agree on the child’s last name, but when the judge heard the boy’s first name, she ordered it changed, too…

Messiah was No. 4 among the fastest-rising baby names in 2012, according to the Social Security Administration’s annual list of popular baby names.

The judge in eastern Tennessee said the baby was to be named Martin DeShawn McCullough, which includes both parents’ last name.

The boy’s mother, Jaleesa Martin, of Newport, said she will appeal. She says Messiah is unique and she liked how it sounded alongside the boy’s two siblings — Micah and Mason.

“Everybody believes what they want so I think I should be able to name my child what I want to name him, not someone else,” Martin said…

“The word Messiah is a title and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ,” the judge said.

Idjits in the Neo-Confederacy still manage to confuse their bible with law. This bonehead judge should be removed from office.

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4 Responses to Nutball judge changes infant’s name because it was “earned by Jesus Christ”

  1. List of X says:

    Didn’t Jesus earn the “Messiah” title simply by being born? How exactly was that different?

  2. Fuck this Judge, bitch needs to be fired.

  3. Brian says:

    How did Michael Jackson get away with naming his boy Prince?

  4. Now what do we do with all the Hispanic children, who over the centuries, have been named Jesús???

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