Tweets record time spent waiting to be found – locked in church


A British woman who accidentally became locked in a church was rescued thanks to posts she made on Twitter.

Sarah Greep, the jam maker behind Janner Jams, said she was inside the Minster Church of St. Andrew chapel in Plymouth, England, when someone shut the door and she discovered herself trapped inside…

“I just went into the small chapel at St. Andrew’s Church where I sometimes go, and didn’t think for one minute they were going to close the door,” Greep said. “It was nice and calm and the sun was shining through the stained glass windows.”

Greep said her plan was to wait and see if someone was going to unlock the church for services.

“I didn’t want to bother anyone but thought I would just send a few Tweets as it was a bit unusual,” she said. “The next thing I know [Council Leader] Tudor Evans is calling the police to help get me out!”

Police were able to locate the emergency key-holder of the church and Greep was released after two hours trapped inside the facility.

“It’s lucky it didn’t happen to someone more vulnerable and I’m glad I had my phone with me,” she said. “I could have called someone but I just went to Twitter to say what was happening to me.”

One of those instances where it helped to have built lots of followers.

I could be locked into a pub [I wouldn’t be found dead in a church] and no one would even notice my absence – regardless of how often I tweeted. Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad either.

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