University spending $60K on bulletproof whiteboards – the terrorists have won


Using technology designed to protect U.S. troops, a Maryland company that makes bulletproof whiteboards has contracted with a university seeking to offer its professors greater protection in the event of a school shooting.

The University of Maryland-Eastern Shore announced that it is purchasing 200 of the whiteboards from Hardwire LLC, a company based in Pocomoke City, Maryland, citing the need for a heightened sense of security in the wake of deadly mass shootings in recent years…

The university’s president, Juliette Bell, told CNN that the deadly school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last December, in which a lone gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children, was a factor in the decision. Although UMES has not had a shooting incident, preventive campus security is a critical consideration, Bell said…

UMES has detailed response procedures for managing emergencies, but Bell said she and other school officials saw the whiteboards as viable a first line of defense…

UMES Campus Police Chief Ernest Leatherbury noted the board, which weighs less than 4 pounds, is user-friendly. “This is so accessible,” he said, “and it’s not cumbersome.”

Yes, the terrorists have won. Of course, I include the NRA as a force within that maniac fringe legitimized by everything from Bush’s Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan – to the Patriot Act and Obama’s reverence for NSA ideology.

I never counted portability as a recommendation for adopting fear and trepidation as guidelines to an education. I didn’t support “duck and cover” when I was a kid. I don’t support the fascist mindset of the NRA, the Cheneys, the idjits of America that believe there’s someone with an AK47 hiding in every closet.

I’d rather spend time and effort on preventing demented killers from acquiring guns instead of trying to reduce the potential death toll by kneeling and holding a pantywaist bullet-proof piece of plastic in front of my vitals.

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