Noisy knitters no longer welcome in Cramlington library

A knitting group said it was no longer allowed to meet at a library because its needles are “dangerous” and its members are too noisy.

The Knit ‘n’ Natter group met at the library in Cramlington, Northumberland once a week to knit replica anatomical parts for training NHS midwives.

But now the library has moved and the knitters said Northumberland County Council had barred them.

The council said there was not enough room for the large group…But a spokesman said the women were still welcome if they split into smaller groups.

Since the group began three years ago its 20 to 30 members have knitted thousands of garments for premature and sick babies…They have also made 1,500 pairs of knitted breasts and are currently knitting wombs for midwives.

Margaret Derrick, one of the group’s founding members, said: “We’ve been told different stories and different complaints and I don’t now know what to believe.

“We’ve been told knitting needles are dangerous instruments and against health and safety policy. We’ve also been told that it’s because we are too noisy.

“We started at the library because the council asked us. As we got bigger, the council was delighted…

Conservative councillor, Wayne Daley of Cramlington North, said…”I think this is a shocking decision”…

“It is unbelievable that the county council can take a group that is successful and doing things for the NHS, and penalise them by throwing them out of what is supposed to be a community library.

“I was told there were health and safety concerns over knitting needles – which is just barmy.”

Petty bureaucrats must take special courses on how to be offensive and useless.

Cripes – growing up with both my mother and grandmother crocheting and knitting in the living room, chatting while listening to the radio, was a comforting experience.

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