Fortunately, the crew noticed the body bag – was fidgeting

An accident victim being transported in a body bag from the crash site near Hamburg, Germany, to a hospital “began to fidget” in the bag, an undertaker said.

The 72-year-old woman emergency crews thought was dead was being transported to a hospital in Itzehoe from Monday’s accident when she suddenly moved inside a body bag while in a hospital elevator, Bild newspaper.

“We brought the dead in the elevator to the [hospital] basement,” undertaker Martin Krause said. “In the elevator she then began to fidget at once.”

A pathologist at Itzehoe Hospital said the accident scene, in which at least two people died, was probably hectic and when emergency services personnel found no indication of life immediately in the woman, they moved on, Bild said.

It was a shock,” Krause said of the woman’s movement…

Dr. Arno Deister of Itzehoe Hospital said once signs of life were observed in the woman in the hospital’s pathology department, she was moved to the intensive care unit with life-threatening head injuries.

I imagine the ambulance crew moved to the nearest pub for a bit of reflection. Aided by a taste or two.

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