Inside the box: Shipping containers in architecture

Starbucks drive-through store in Tukwila, Washington

Gizmag picks ten of our favorite shipping container-based structures

The widespread use of the modern metal shipping container can be traced back to the mid-1950’s. According to Marc Levinson, in April 1956 an oil tanker traveled between Newark and Houston with 58 rudimentary “shipping containers,” (actually refitted aluminum truck bodies) sparking a modern revolution in moving goods around the world. However, an unexpected result also eventually transpired: shipping containers became recognized as an attractive building material by many architects. Gizmag gives a nod to ten of our favorite uses of shipping containers in architecture.

I’ve covered some of these in previous postings. Wander through the article and enjoy your favorites.

Before retiring, I was lucky enough to work with a few of our talented local architects here in Santa Fe. A couple did some amazing work with shipping containers – one, in fact, building his own million-dollar home from these, his favorite structural module.

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