Texas bureaucrats require creationist crap for biology textbooks

Behind closed doors, textbook reviewers appointed by the Texas State Board of Education are pushing to inject creationism into teaching materials that will be adopted statewide in high schools this year, according to new documents obtained by watchdog groups. Records show that the textbook reviewers made ideological objections to material on evolution and climate change in science textbooks from at least seven publishers, including several of the nation’s largest publishing houses. Failing to obtain a review panel’s top rating can make it harder for publishers to sell their textbooks to school districts, and can even lead the state to reject the books altogether.

“Once again, culture warriors in the state board are putting Texas at risk of becoming a national laughingstock on science education,” said Kathy Miller, the president of the Texas Freedom Network, a nonprofit group that monitors religious extremists…

What’s more, because Texas has one of the nation’s largest public-school systems, publishers tend to tailor their textbooks for that market and then sell the same texts to the rest of America.

Few of the textbook reviewers who were critical of the teaching of evolution and climate change possessed any scientific credentials, according to NCSE. Among those who did, several were active in anti-evolution organizations such as the Discovery Institute.

According to the groups, the Texas Education Agency has declined to release documents showing what changes, if any, the publishers have agreed to make in response to these reviews. A public hearing on the books will take place next week in Austin, followed by a final vote to approve or reject them in November.

The article includes examples of the spooky crap these hacks would substitute for science. Some of them are flunkeys on the payroll of anti-science fronts like the Discovery Institute.

We can only hope Texans who not only believe they should be part of the United States; but, that education should be grounded in science and reason instead of 14th Century religious ideology – prevail over the nutballs who specialize in running that state’s government.

4 thoughts on “Texas bureaucrats require creationist crap for biology textbooks

    • ryan59479 says:

      What I find the most ridiculous about this (and I’ve heard this argument from creationists) is that there’s an implied imbalance. “We just want both perspectives to be represented equally.”

      Yeah, because Christianity is under-represented in this country. Suuuuure. And that’s after glossing over the fact that there isn’t even anything scientific about creationism that would warrant its teaching in a science class to begin with.

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