Some teachers in a Connecticut town banned students from “Hump Day” recitation

Geico advertising execs would be pleased to know that their talking camel “Hump Day” commercial is so catchy, Connecticut middle schoolers quote it all week along. In fact, some teachers have banned their students from referencing it, calling the incessant quotations “disruptive.”

“Everybody’s walking around in the hallways and saying its hump day in that weird voice,” Vernon Center student Brooke Lewis told WFSB.

“Sometimes its the counting down to when it is,” Lewis said.

Kids aren’t the commercial’s only fans. CBS News reported last month that “Hump Day” was the most-shared ad of the summer.

“If you look at the tracking chart, the irony of it is it actually makes a hump, and it spikes on Wednesdays, which is what more could you ask for,” said Wade Alger, the Martin Agency ad man in charge of Geico’s account…

Even the White House quotes it:

WH Hump Day

Here’s the full ad:

The call-and-response aspect of the commercial can’t be ignored. Students one side of the hall shouting “Guess what day it is?” Others responding “It’s Hump Day!”

I can recall being in the bleachers at a Red Sox game when part of the crowd would shout “Tastes great!” and the appropriate response was “Less filling!” All over a crap beer commercial.

But, I have to admit – this is my current fave advert, too.

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