Congress-critters not even loved by their moms, anymore!

Americans are holding Republicans primarily responsible for the partial government shutdown as public esteem sinks for all players in the impasse, President Barack Obama among them, according to a new poll. It’s a struggle with no heroes.

The Associated Press-GfK survey, out Wednesday, affirms expectations by many in Washington — Republicans among them — that the GOP may end up taking the biggest hit in public opinion from the fiscal paralysis, just as that party did when much of the government closed 17 years ago. But…there’s plenty of disdain to go around.

Overall, 62 percent mainly blamed Republicans for the shutdown. About half said Obama or the Democrats in Congress bear much responsibility…

The poll found that the tea party is more than a gang of malcontents in the political landscape, as its supporters in Congress have been portrayed by Democrats. Rather, it’s a sizable — and divisive — force among Republicans. More than 4 in 10 Republicans identified with the tea party and were more apt than other Republicans to insist that their leaders hold firm in the standoff over reopening government and avoiding a default of the nation’s debt in coming weeks.

Most Americans disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job, the poll suggests, with 53 percent unhappy with his performance and 37 percent approving of it. Congress is scraping rock bottom, with a ghastly approval rating of 5 percent.

Indeed, anyone making headlines in the dispute has earned poor marks for his or her trouble, whether it’s Democrat Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, or Republican John Boehner, the House speaker, both with a favorability rating of 18 percent.

And much of the country draws a blank on Republican Ted Cruz of Texas despite his 21-hour Senate speech before the shutdown. Only half in the poll were familiar enough with him to register an opinion. Among those who did, 32 percent viewed him unfavorably, 16 percent favorably…

With a 5% approval rating, Congress has the hiring prospects of a drug dealing child molester just out of prison – trying to get a job supervising a day care center.

Should Republicans get even more blame? Of course. They are the flunkies being dragged around by the scruff of their cowardly necks by the John Birch Society Tea Party thugs. They support policies that are essentially unconstitutional and anti-democratic. Nothing new about that in their history; but, still, never before adopted as a hallmark of acceptability within the fold of neo-Confederate ideology.

As jobs continue to disappear, as the global economy slumps to match what the Republicans are about to do to our national economy, more and more Americans will be forced to realize the results of reactionary policies. Even if they don’t take the time to examine the cause-and-effect relationships inside a political party stuck into bigotry, myth and superstition.

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