Vatican recalls medal with JESUS misspelled — Huh? Wha?

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The Vatican is recalling 6,000 medals commemorating Pope Francis’ first year as head of the Catholic Church because Jesus’ name is misspelled, officials said.

Shortly after the medal went on sale Tuesday, someone pointed out that the word Jesus — stamped around the rim of the medal — was spelled “Lesus”…

The Italian State Mint produced the medal in gold, silver and bronze, with an image by artist Mariangela Crisciotti on one side and a depiction of Pope Francis on the other.

About as “authentic” as anything else coming from the Holy See.

Plugin flags all your email to the NSA – fill ’em up with boring!

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An Illinois-based digital artist has created a Gmail plugin that automatically adds blacklisted words to every email in an attempt to protest against online surveillance.

Ben Grosser has designed the ScareMail plugin in a way that, he says, will be ensure that even benign emails are picked up by the security filters of America’s National Security Agency.

Grosser’s idea takes the opposite tack to encryption tools including PGP and Silent Text, and to the IP-masking service Tor, which are designed to hide the contents of messages or the sender.

“One of the strategies used by the US National Security Agency’s email surveillance programs is the detection of predetermined keywords. These “selectors”, as they refer to them internally, are used to identify communications by presumed terrorists,” said Grosser.

“Large collections of words have thus become codified as something to fear, as an indicator of intent. The result is a governmental surveillance machine run amok, algorithmically collecting and searching our digital communications in a futile effort to predict behaviours based on words in emails.”

ScareMail generates a chunk of text to append to the end of every email sent, containing as many selectors as possible…

The text is deliberately gibberish to a human eye, but formatted in such a way that it can’t easily be discounted by a computer. A sample paragraph reads: “‘I’m sorry. One crashes to fail careful.’ He mutated but had not important, we mustn’t vaccinate Palestine Liberation Organisation, seem it!'”…

ScareMail is available as a plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and the source code is free for all at Github.

Bravo! It will mean full employment for the anal paranoids the NSA prefers to hire.

Patient missing from hospital room for two weeks — her body is found in the hospital

The body of a woman found in a rarely-used stairwell at San Francisco General Hospital was that of a patient who had been reported missing from the facility more than two weeks ago, officials said Wednesday as they tried to determine what went wrong.

The body of Lynne Spalding, 57, was discovered by an employee in an exterior stairwell on the fourth floor of the hospital about 10 a.m. Tuesday, said Dr. Todd May, the hospital’s chief medical officer, at a news conference at which officials declined to take questions from reporters…

Spalding’s 23-year-old daughter was notified earlier Wednesday that officials were fairly confident that the body was that of her mother.

“They feel certain that the body found at San Francisco General Hospital is the body of her mother, Lynne Spalding,” said family spokesman David Perry. “But they do not have 100 percent certainty from the medical examiner.”

The San Francisco medical examiner is trying to determine the cause of Spalding’s death. It was not known how long she had been in the stairwell – which is used as a fire escape – or how she got there, said Assistant Sheriff Paul Miyamoto.

The interior door leading to the stairwell is alarmed and locked from the outside, Miyamoto said, adding the stairwell “is not routinely used by staff, patients or the public.” A member of the hospital engineering staff found the body during a routine quarterly inspection, he said.

The incident has raised questions as to how the missing-persons case was handled by investigators and the city-owned, 598-bed hospital, which provides 20 percent of all inpatient care in San Francisco.

RTFA for pretty sketchy details. A few attempts at what-ifs are as meaningless as I would expect. Serious efforts at forensic investigation are just getting underway. Everything else is guesswork looking for excuses.

The first question needing an answer is – what really constituted a search for this woman in the hospital?

Pennsylvania man gets jail time – beat wife for disobedience

Probably not so smiley on the way to jail

A Pennsylvania judge has sentenced a man to prison for beating his wife to discipline her for “disobedience”…Dan Kirby Kopp, 45, of Ephrata, Pa., was convicted Tuesday. Lancaster County Court Judge Dennis Reinaker sentenced Kopp to 1-to-23 months in prison, and to pay a $500 fine for beating his wife…

Investigators said Kopp beat his now-estranged wife in front of their children for failing to call him “sir” in the presence of their children.

Citing court documents, the report said Kopp routinely used a paddle or his hand, took his wife over his knee, and once told his wife he would “cast demons out of her.”

The victim, whose name was not reported, reported the abuse in October 2012, telling police her husband beat her as a “means of disciplining her for disobedience to him for undermining his parenting.”

She showed investigators a cellphone video recording of a September 2012 incident in which he beat her with a paddle for not saying, “Yes, sir.”

Any Good Christian preachers speaking out against this demeaning, woman-hating behavior? Or does forgiveness prevail over helping this poor woman?