Berlusconi barred from office for two years over fraud conviction

You actually had the balls to say – Mission Accomplished!

A court in Milan has banned Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s former prime minister, from holding public office for two years, following his conviction for tax fraud…However, the ban must be approved by parliament before taking effect.

Earlier this month, a cross-party panel of the Italian Senate recommended his expulsion from the chamber.

If he is expelled from parliament, Berlusconi will lose his immunity from prosecution in a string of criminal cases.

Berlusconi had threatened to topple the coalition government over the issue but backed down during a confidence vote…

He will also spend a year under house arrest, or doing community service – his preferred option, according to a request he formally submitted last week.

The votes on his expulsion and ban on holding office are expected to take place within the next few weeks.

He was sentenced to four years in prison, automatically reduced to one under a 2006 pardon act. He was also banned from holding public office for five years.

That sentence was upheld in August.

As erratic as the course of justice may be in Italian politics, by comparison, this case is one more example of the ineffectual and cowardly attitude towards politicians in the United States. Liars and frauds like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney committed inexcusable crimes against humanity – and left taxpayers with a bill for trillions of dollars.

The financial cost is conveniently forgotten by Republicans. The ethical failure is ignored by both of the TweedleDeeDum parties we are allowed. Add to this Obama’s legalization of government snooping into the lives of ordinary citizens and you need no explanation as to why America’s international reputation for corruption continues to grow.

5 thoughts on “Berlusconi barred from office for two years over fraud conviction

  1. Cures Riches says:

    The channel chat here is that there’s a painting in the capitol that accuses Siivio of miliardo di millilitri di mestruazioni aka the emperor of menstruation. “1 million euro for the murder” “1/2 to murder Cures” said out loud… Was the article about 2 years paid vacation? Don’t worry I sympathize, there’s a freak here that’s almost as evil as Silvio thats polled in the lead to be Mayor of Montreal. So I should be searching him out to rip off his toupee.

      • Cures Riches says:

        “sorry I missed this comment, Now in Port Perry Ontario, f/k#d in the head by pig fag PA Keith Frank David now Curt CIA mutilation torture extortion of women pig. (every syllable for 11 months mimic rubber glue) pushing his Berlus”co”ni syllable. accept, respect, idiot drug freak misogyny pig.” “here it’s still tobacco with a pot of china tea”

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