Snowden revealed crimes against US constitution – Al Gore

Gore Snowden

Former US vice-president Al Gore has described the activities of the National Security Agency as “outrageous” and “completely unacceptable” and said whistleblower Edward Snowden has “revealed evidence” of crimes against the US constitution.

Gore, speaking Tuesday night at McGill University in Montreal, said he was in favour of using surveillance to ensure national security, but Snowden’s revelations showed that those measures had gone too far…

Gore had previously said he believed the practice of the NSA collecting US citizens phone records was unlawful and “not really the American way”, but his comments on Tuesday represent his strongest criticism yet.

Asked about Snowden, the NSA whistleblower whose revelations have been reported extensively by the Guardian, Gore said the leaks had revealed unconstitutional practices

Gore, the former vice-president, 2000 Democratic presidential nominee and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner, said the NSA’s efforts to monitor communications had gone to “absurd” lengths, the Canadian Press reported.

“When you are looking for a needle in a haystack, it’s not always wise to pile more hay on the haystack,” he said…

I voted for Gore in 2000 and he won the vote – just not the election. Courtesy of creeps in black robes in Washington, DC.

I would have voted for him, again, in 2004. John Kerry has inspired nothing but distrust in my mind going all the way back to his opportunist decision to use the anti-war movement to launch his political career.

Kerry – as Obama turned out to be – was the lesser of two evils. Or as I like to put it, I voted against the evil of two lessers.

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