Brooklyn granny hustled the government for almost 20 years

A Brooklyn grandma got off with no jail time Thursday after pleading guilty to cashing her dead father’s Social Security checks for nearly 20 years…

Eva Rosenbluh, 65, was so overcome by emotion her lawyer had to finish reading a statement in which she called the fraud conviction “very humbling and shameful.”

Her father, Andor Rosenbluh, had died of leukemia at 83 in 1994, but she continued collecting his monthly checks of $1,234 — which were deposited in a JP Morgan checking account in both their names, according to court papers.

The scheme unraveled last year after she closed the account and a check was returned to the Social Security Administration. Questioned by a Social Security employee, Rosenbluh lied, claiming that Andor Rosenbluh was her uncle and that he was still alive in a nursing home, the court papers state. The total theft was $218,194.52.

Rosenbluh agreed to sell her three-family home in Borough Park within the next 90 days to repay the government in full.

It was all a ruse, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Paulsen, and deserving of a jail term within the recommended federal sentencing guidelines of 18 to 24 months to deter others from defrauding the government.

Paulsen forcefully argued that the fraud was not a one-time occurrence…“She did it for nearly half her adult life,” the prosecutor said. “She is paying back what she took … essentially a 20-year, tax-free loan from the government.

Federal Judge Allyne Ross appeared to be moved by the defendant’s tears and remorse. The judge said Rosenbluh posed no risk of committing another crime and a jail sentence would serve no purpose.

“I believe the punishment effected by the loss of her home, the restitution and personal pain is sufficient,” Ross said.

Rosenbluh was placed on probation for three years but no additional fine was imposed.

What is there to say?

I will file this in the back of my head if I ever need it. I can do remorse as well as anyone else.

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