Latest US drone strike – a US Navy guided-missile cruiser

Safety record? A BQM-74 washed ashore in the Philippines after crashing off Guam

The guided-missile cruiser struck by an aerial-target drone during a training exercise off Ventura County returned to San Diego on Sunday for assessment and repair, officials said.

The Chancellorsville was struck on its port side by an BQM-74 series drone. Two sailors suffered burns.

The ship returned to San Diego under its own power…

Navy specialists are examining the extent of damage to the ship. Other technicians are investigating the possible cause of the drone malfunction.

The drone, controlled from Point Mugu, was being used during a routine exercise meant to test the ship’s radar system’s tracking ability. The test was not designed for the ship to shoot down the drone

Navy officials did not have any immediate records of any similar accident in which a drone struck a ship.

Not even footnotes about hitting any other nation’s ship either.

OTOH, you have to wonder if they were trying to shoot down the drone – and the drone won?

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