10-point victory for Women’s Rights over anti-abortion forces in Albuquerque special election

The anti-science, anti-civil rights coalition of religious true believers and right-wing organizers from around the country have failed. Their attempt to kickoff a shutdown battle against pro-choice women’s rights came down to failure by 10 percentage points. A spread that is at least as great as national averages – perhaps foreshadowing another step forward in the whole range of civil rights changes happening in the United States.

Nutballs from Operation Rescue moved to Albuquerque, setting up a field headquarters away from their bastion in Kansas here in New Mexico. Fortunately, though we have our own native crew of religious crazies, we also have a much larger number of religious folks, atheists, ordinary who-gives-a-damn citizens who resent attempts to shut down civil liberties in the name of superstition over science.

No need to refresh the realities of the issue. Just a chance to congratulate the citizens of Albuquerque, New Mexico, who turned out more voters in this special election than came out to re-elect a popular Republican mayor a few weeks ago.

With 49 of 50 polling places reporting, AGAINST 55% – 45% FOR limiting the right to choose an abortion.

One thought on “10-point victory for Women’s Rights over anti-abortion forces in Albuquerque special election

  1. moss says:

    Just one more instance of the irrelevance of the Catholic church in the course of this political confrontation. Church leaders rarely do more than issue a press release about policies as backwards and anti-human as Bush’s invasion of Iraq or providing support for affordable healthcare. But, the Archbishop dragged his sorry ass down to Abq for a special mass ordering the faithful to obey his diktat and support this crap law.

    Which failed.

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