Rodney Dangerfield’s widow keeps bottle of his sweat in the fridge

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Joan Dangerfield, widow of comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield, explained why she keeps a bottle of her husband’s sweat in the refrigerator.

The 60-year-old widow opend her house to THR on Nov. 22, 2013, what would have been her late husband’s 92nd birthday. While talking to reporters, Joan Dangerfield explained that the sweat collection began at a time when Rodney realized perspiration could be worth a lot of money.

“I discovered that Elvis had a handkerchief that was apparently stained with his sweat and it went for a lot of money. So Rodney had a ‘eureka’ moment. He said, ‘I sweat more than anybody! My sweat has to be as good as Elvis’ sweat, right?'” she told THR.

She proceded to ordering hundreds of perfume-sample bottles and began preserving her husband’s sweat.

My job became the ‘sweat collector,'” she explains. “I’d take a sponge and spoon and collect his sweat — about an inch at a time. I thought we could water it down but he said, ‘No, that wouldn’t be right…’ “

The operation was eventually shut down by the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, where Rodney performed a lot, after they said they couldn’t offer the sweat over an insurance issue. Still, Joan Dangerfield keeps it because it has sentimental value for her.

Um, OK.

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