Mario Batali just bought 200 pairs of orange Crocs

U.S. celebrity chef and television personality Mario Batali told Details magazine he recently ordered 200 pairs of his favorite orange Crocs shoes.

Asked how many pairs he owns, the co-host of “The Chew” replied: “Probably 30. I just ordered 200 more because they’re about to take orange out of the field. They made a special run for me before they retired the color.”

“They’re gonna stop the Mario Batali orange!” he added. “It’s preposterous! But they’re doing pretty well without me. Nothing lasts forever, baby.”

Mario should know better. Remember when Creuset said they were going to eliminate Orange Flame from the color choices for Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware a decade or so ago?

Get pissed off. Let folks know what you like to buy – or not buy. We stopped them dead in their tracks. You’ll still find Le Creuset offered by cooking suppliers. In Orange Flame.

I’ve had my original basic set since 1963. Orange Flame, baby.

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