Guess whose government is paying a $50 million fine for software piracy?

The US government has agreed to pay $50 million after it was said to have pirated “thousands” of copies of military software.

Apptricity, based in Texas, has provided logistics programs to the army since 2004…The company said it had discovered last year the software had been installed on many more machines than had been licensed.

The Department of Justice has not commented on the settlement.

The Dallas Morning News reported a DoJ spokeswoman had confirmed the agreement, but would not give more details.

Apptricity’s software allows the military to track the movements of soldiers as well as key supplies…

According to court documents filed in 2012, the deal with the military meant up to 500 named users could access the software.

Apptricity later estimated that 9,000 users were accessing the program, in addition to the 500 that had been paid for.

The unauthorised copying only came to light after a US Army official mentioned “thousands” of devices running the software during a presentation on technology.

Apptricity called for $224 million to be paid to cover costs…The settlement of $50 million falls some way short – but in a statement the company said Apptricity would spend the sum on expanding the company…

In recent years, the US government has stepped up efforts to combat piracy, announcing a wide-ranging strategy for clamping down in 2010.

Piracy is theft, clean and simple,” remarked vice-president Joe Biden at the time.

Don’t you love it when the crooks don’t read the script. Like – if you’re an officer it somehow ain’t theft. The same holds true for the folks under your command.

The rest of us poor SOB’s not only get to pay retail – we pay the salaries of the brass hats who boosted the software.

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