Off-grid Minim House imaginative addition to tiny living

The tiny house movement continues to build momentum, and the latest small home to catch our eye with a clever space-maximizing design is the Minim House. The trailer-based mobile micro-home is capable of operating on or off grid, and boasts some comforts often associated with a larger home…

Inside the 210 sq ft home, an open-plan interior offers a generous 10 ft wide kitchen area, with multi-use surfaces, refrigerator, and ample storage space. Owing to this layout, the main lounge area is on the larger side for a self-styled “micro-home,” and Levy reports that the couch will seat five adults, with room for several more guests on seats placed around the home.

The usual range of off-grid technology makes an appearance in the home, including an optional compostable toilet and 960 W roof solar array with integrated battery storage system. LED lighting, and rainwater collection and filtration are also on-board, and the house mostly uses the kind of low-power appliances often seen in small boats, but also has a hookup for full mains.

Minim House was constructed using standard SIPs (structural insulated panels), with a cypress facade that will eventually age to a light grey color. According to Levy, the simple construction and standardized materials allow a crew of two people to construct the house within just five days.

The price for materials was just under $31K. Labor provided by just 2 reasonably handy amateurs and was completed in under 5 days.

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