Latest revelations on NSA tracking your mobile calls

Not a month goes by without former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, unleashing new government surveillance allegations, but on Wednesday, the Washington Post dropped a bombshell: The NSA is tracking cellphones around the world at a rate of almost five billion records per day. This revelation is particularly shocking because it affirms fears that the government is keeping tabs on the physical location of Americans.

1. The NSA can find you in a hotel and can probably tell if you’re having an affair…

2. Americans are definitely being tracked, but providing the exact number is “awkward”…

3. All the collected location data wouldn’t fit in the Library of Congress…

4. Don’t bother trying to hide. The NSA knows if you’re trying to avoid them…

5. And you don’t need to be a suspect to be targeted…

The Feds say that this kind of data collection is not protected by the Fourth Amendment; so, as far as Uncle Sugar is concerned, we’re all legitimate targets.

Read the full report over here.

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