Scholars endorse academic boycott of Israel


An American organization of professors on Monday announced a boycott of Israeli academic institutions to protest Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, signaling that a movement to isolate and pressure Israel that is gaining ground in Europe has begun to make strides in the United States.

Members of the American Studies Association voted by a ratio of more than two to one to endorse the boycott in online balloting that concluded Sunday night…

Its vote is a milestone for a Palestinian movement known as B.D.S., for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions, which for the past decade had found little traction in the United States. The American Studies Association is the second American academic group to back the boycott, movement organizers say, following the Association for Asian American Studies, which did so in April.

The vote reminds me – as it should – of the divestment movement against Apartheid South Afria. There is more of a congruency than a parallel. The racism and bigotry of Israel’s official practices against the folks who’ve been in place for centuries stinks on ice.

Add in the role of cats paw in the region Israel has played for decades on behalf of Western governments, oil companies and other criminal barons of mineral wealth – and divestment and boycotts make an admirable first line of peaceful economic protest.

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