Market predictions for 2014 from Barry Ritholtz

Barry Ritholtz, the brains behind the Big Picture blog, is out with his 2014 global market and economic forecasts, and they are brilliant.

Category —— Forecast

Dow Jones Industrials —— No idea

S&P500 —— WTF are you asking me for?

10 Year Bond —— Could not fathom a guess

Fed Fund Rates —— Haven’t a clue

US Housing Market —— That’s a really good question

Inflation ——- Not a clue

GDP —— Yes, we will probably have a GDP

Unemployment —— Thhhhpppptttt?

Possibility of Recession in 2014 —— Possibility & Probability are 2 different things

Thanks to the BUSINESS INSIDER for republishing this and spreading the word.

As always, thanks to Barry Ritholtz for being not only informative and a thoughtful pedant; but, for being entertaining.

Fewer than half of Republicans believe in evolution

Fewer U.S. Republicans believe in evolution now than five years ago, with a Pew Research poll finding an 11 percentage point drop…43 percent of Republican respondents said they believe humans have evolved over time, a drop from 54 percent in 2009, a Pew release said Monday.

Sixty-seven percent of Democratic respondents said they believe in evolution, a rise of 3 percent from 2009.

Not a surprise. Why would anyone – even a conservative – with a bit of science education and understanding stay in a political party dominated nowadays by religious nutballs and economic ostriches?

Party differences remained even when factors such as the racial and ethnic composition, and religious and educational background of the political groups were taken into account, the Pew researchers said.

“It’s an intriguing finding that is suggestive of greater polarization,” Cary Funk of the Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project and Social & Demographic Trends project told NBC News.

Fits the standard one-liner among coneheads I know who work at a nearby national laboratory, e.g., 94% of scientists are atheists. The other 6% are Republicans.