Conservative poll finds Congress still sucks!

A new poll indicates as Congress returns to session, an overwhelming majority of Americans rated lawmakers’ job performance in the cellar.

A Rasmussen Reports poll indicated just 8 percent of likely voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job. Sixty-six percent rate its performance as poor.

While both numbers represent a marginal improvement from voters’ sentiments at the end of 2013 — the good/excellent rating was 6 percent and the poor rating was 75 percent — the numbers are still near historic lows.

They’ve been out of town a few weeks. We haven’t had a recent chance to see how backwards Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats can be.

Congress as an institution has long proved unpopular in opinion polls though voters tend to express more optimism when asked about their local congressman or senator, though Congress’ positive rating bottomed out at just 5 percent in December 2012.

Making matters worse, nearly seven in 10 Americans (69 percent) agreed with the statement no matter how bad things are, Congress can always find a way to make them worse

Got that one right!

One thought on “Conservative poll finds Congress still sucks!

  1. moss says:

    We’ll get a refresh of the Party of NO, the Party of 1%, already started this week. Republicans don’t give a crap about unemployed, long-term unemployed, underemployed. There will be NO support for extended unemployment insurance, minimum wage or food stamps.

    Republicans will stick with being owned body and soul by the 1%. Nutball fundamentalists, homophobes, racists, war-lovers have a home for life with the caviar and Cayman Islands barons who throw them crumbs of archaic custom and law in return for slavering adoration.

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