Doctor leaves man on operating table with incomplete open-heart surgery — tight schedule for luncheon

Well – maybe?

A California cardiac surgeon and his hospital are being sued after the doctor allegedly left a man in the middle of open-heart surgery so that he could go attend a luncheon.

The family of Silvino Perez, 72, filed the suit against Dr. Parvaiz Chaudhry and Fresno Community Regional Medical Center after he was left in a vegetative state following the operation nearly two years ago…

An anonymous phone call alerted Arteaga that the doctor allegedly walked out on Perez and left an under-qualified physician’s assistant to close up his chest cavity. Complications caused Perez’s heart to stop and by the time the doctor returned, the patient had already suffered brain damage…

California levied a $75,000 fine against Community Regional last year for what is believed to be the same incident.

“It was somewhat of a whirlwind,” Arteaga said. “At one point in time, they told us to round up the whole family, because they didn’t think he was going to pull through. I didn’t know that the doctor walked out, and that was the reason my dad was in the state that he’s in.”

How’s his golf game? Maybe he had a foursome scheduled post-luncheon?

Washington, DC may explode, go up in flames!

DC afterwards

Natural gas is escaping from aging pipes beneath the streets of the U.S. capital, creating potentially harmful concentrations in some locations, a study found.

Natural gas leaks pose explosion risks, health concerns and contribute to climate change, said researchers who spent January and February 2013 driving all of the 1,500 miles of Washington, D.C., roads with an instrument that took methane readings close to the ground every 1.1 seconds.

Writing in the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science & Technology, they reported finding nearly 6,000 leaks, with some locations showing concentrations of methane at about 45 times what would be expected with no leak…

At locations with high levels, probes put into manholes found concentrations 10 times the threshold at which explosions can occur at 12 sites, the researchers said.

If you dropped a cigarette down a manhole … it could have blown up,” Robert Jackson told USA today.

Despite reporting the leaks to the local gas utility, four months later nine of the sites were still emitting dangerous levels of methane, he said.

I suppose there’s no hope an explosion might just take out Congress? 🙂