Nun names her surprise child after the pope!

A 31 year-old nun at the Little Disciples of Jesus convent in Rieti, Italy discovered she was pregnant and about to give birth when stomach pains sent her to the hospital on Wednesday.

Hours after arriving at the S. Camillo De Lellis hospital, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Media reported that the nun, originally from El Salvador, has named her son Francesco, the same name as Pope Francis.

Her community was “surprised” by the birth. A local pastor, Don Fabrizio Borrello, spoke to the media about the pregnancy, telling reporters “I guess she’s telling the truth when she says she arrived at the hospital unaware of the pregnancy.”

The nun plans to keep the baby. The hospital is accepting clothing and donations for the new mother and child.

Any claims of virgin birth?

One thought on “Nun names her surprise child after the pope!

  1. tia says:

    I think the Catholic Church needs to lift the celibacy ban on its priests and Religious sisters and brothers. Sister Roxanne should have been the one to make the decision wether or not she should have remained a nun; after all som Religious communities of nuns were begun by women who married had children and their spouse died and they felt the call to found a Religious communitiy of Sisters/Nuns. Roxanne should have been able to have contact with the elderly she cared for and the baby would have been welcomed by the elderly. Shame on the bishop for making the decision for Roxanne to go out!

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