Oil Patch CEO turns into a NIMBY – Presto! Just like that.

Exxon Mobil’s CEO has joined a lawsuit to stop construction of a water tower near his home that would be used in the fracking process to drill for oil…While fracking — hydraulic fracturing of rock to release pockets of oil — has raised complaints from environmentalists around the country, Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson’s opposition to a project in his own neighborhood is interesting, given how deeply Exxon Mobil is involved in the process.

Tillerson appeared at a Town Council meeting in Bartonville, Tex., the wealthy enclave near his Dallas home last November to join in the protest over the water tower…The lawsuit contends the project would create “a noise nuisance and traffic hazards.” Trucks would be needed to haul and pump water.

The tower, being built by Cross Timbers Water Supply, would rise 15 stories, the Journal says. It’s adjacent to Tillerson’s 83-acre horse ranch and not far from an 18-acre homestead. Tillerson is devoting considerable time to the matter: he sat for three hours in the lawsuit last May and attended an all-day mediation session in September, besides his Town Council appearance.

Among the others opposing the project are those who are not exactly known for environmental crusading: former U.S.House Majority Leader Dick Armey and his wife are the lead plaintiffs.

Creeps like Tillerson and Armey – especially the latter – are up to their armholes in scumsucking rightwing politics. That they are hypocrites enough to join the Not In My BackYard brigade shouldn’t surprise anyone. They are stellar examples of the sort of thugs who will embrace the words of constitutional freedom – while denying them to anyone who questions the royal entitlements of their wealth.

Armey in particular – since he chose the jive designation of Tea Party for the current incarnation of the Confederate White Citizens’ Council – and picked out the flunkies who “spontaneously” brought it to the public ear and eye.

Thanks, Mike

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