Citizenship denied legal immigrant because she is an atheist

Idiots abound

A legal immigrant living in California was denied U.S. citizenship after she identified herself as a “conscientious objector” who will not bear arms for the United States because of her religious beliefs, or lack thereof, in her application.

The application was rejected by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services on the grounds that Adriana Ramiez’s unwillingness to bear arms “is not based on religious training or belief…”

The American Humanist Association has taken up Ramirez’s cause and will represent her in the appeal…

The AHA is seeking that the decision immediately be reversed.

“There is no legal basis to deny a citizenship application because one’s ethical values are secular,” said AHA attorney Monica Miller. “The letter is meant to clarify the mistake being made by officials at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’s San Diego office so that the application process can move forward.”

The ignoranuses in Immigration are like a lot of bureaucrats who never thought of looking outside the cubicle of their tiny little minds to see if this has already been sorted out by another government agency.

Bill Morico sued United States Selective Service during the VietNam War and won status as a non-religious conscientious objector in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court – setting the operative precedent.

A helluva union organizer for Hospital Workers Local 1199 – I might add.

2 thoughts on “Citizenship denied legal immigrant because she is an atheist

  1. List of X says:

    Why does a belief that killing people is wrong has to be rooted in religion? If anything, religion is often the reason why people think that there are valid exceptions to Thou shalt not kill rules.

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