3 thoughts on “Vaccine-preventable outbreaks

  1. Doc says:

    In August, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report revealing more than 41,000 Europeans contracted measles during the first half of 2018 and at least 37 have died as a direct result of the disease in the worst outbreak to hit the continent in years – which IFLScience covered at the time. Now, experts tell NBC, the United States should probably start preparing for the same.
    In a population of a little more than 742 million, 41,000 might not sound like a lot but it highlights a disturbing trend. To put it into perspective, there were just 5,273 cases of measles in Europe during the whole of 2016. This means there has been a jump of more than 700 percent in just two years – and that’s not even taking into consideration the second half of the year.
    The reason why is not surprising but it is depressing, and it is exactly why the US should be worried. https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/a-measles-outbreak-is-sweeping-europe-the-us-should-prepare-for-the-same-medics-say/all/ Because measles is relatively rare in the U.S., many Americans have no idea of the disease’s frightening impact and its stunning contagiousness.

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