Update on the missing 777 from Malaysia

John Young at the press conference ab’t 10:30 MDT

This is for you lot who don’t have TV service allowing you follow this from Al Jazeera?

Tony Abbot is a predictable conservative stiff. He’s not saying everything he knows; but, his staff and the US Spooks they work with have identified at least 2 large objects and many smaller clustered in a single area within the range of the ping arcs tracked by the NTSB. West of Australia about 2300 km. He announced this much to the Parliament in Oz a couple hours ago.

A later press conference – about a half-hour ago – headed by an Oz Maritime official, John Young, just finished and details continue to come out with all the proper cautions that nothing is confirmed until someone can lay hands on what’s floating in the Indian Ocean. The weather ain’t great; but, they’ve scrambled 4 planes capable of flying the 4 hours to the site – spending 2 hours onsite and then returning to base. 1 of those planes should be there right about now with the other 3 to arrive over the next 2-4 hours.

There is a merchant ship changing course to be there tomorrow. Aussie Navy can’t get anyone there for a day or two.

At least 1 of the 2 large objects is about 24 meters along its greatest portion. That’s big enough to be a wing section from one side of a 777.

Plenty of news if you know where to look. I’m going to bed and will check AJAM – Al Jazeera AMerica – in the morning.

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