Coppers grab cocaine being smuggled into Vatican — in condoms!

It’s just an experiment in modernizing transubstantiation

German customs officials discovered 14 cocaine-filled condoms in a package marked for delivery to the Vatican. The condoms contained 340 grams of liquid cocaine, valued at around $55,000.

The parcel was addressed to the main postal center at the Vatican and was mailed from somewhere in South America.

After German officials found out what was in the package, they attempted to set up a sting operation with the help of Vatican police to catch the intended recipient, but no one ever claimed the drug-filled piece of mail…

Authorities believe that the person may have been tipped off about the sting.

At least it’s nice to hear the Vatican is doing a little something to encourage use of condoms.

2 thoughts on “Coppers grab cocaine being smuggled into Vatican — in condoms!

  1. Chauncey Gardiner says:

    …also in the link to UPI, the following “top stories”:

    2. Food fight at Golden Corral among senior citizens ends with 64-year-old woman behind bars.
    3. Report: Aborted babies were incinerated to heat UK hospitals.
    4. Georgia teacher charged with having sex with student at Waffle House.
    5. Teen explains why he had sex with a hot pocket.

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