“An epidemic we can’t allow to continue”

The National Mall between the Capitol and the White House was decorated with over 1,800 miniature flags Thursday, the lawn a sea of little old glories in the cold morning light, snow still on the ground, each flag waving in the spring air a veteran lost to suicide this year alone.

According to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, an average of 22 veterans take their own life each day…The IAVA is in Washington for its yearly action campaign to petition the government on veteran’s issues.

This year, they’re working together with Sen. John Walsh, D-Mont., to introduce the Suicide Prevention for America’s Veterans Act, a bill aimed at reducing the veteran suicide rate by extending eligibility for Veterans Administration health care and mandating a review of mental health care programs the VA offers…

Walsh, who, commanded a Montana National Guard battalion in Iraq, said, “When we returned home, one of my young sergeants died by suicide, so this is very personal to me.”…The Senator called suicide, “an epidemic we cannot allow to continue.”

Walsh and the IAVA are calling on Congress to pass the Suicide Prevention for America’s Veterans Act by Memorial Day.

Considering that it’s taken three months for the “humane” Senate to pass a bill restoring unemployment insurance extended benefits to the longterm unemployed. With nothing in sight from the Congress-cruds in the House of Representatives. I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath waiting for timely action from Congress over veterans committing suicide.

Even easy-peasy vote-getting issues face difficulty confronting the Party of NO and Know-Nothings in our national legislature.

One thought on ““An epidemic we can’t allow to continue”

  1. Susan Sutphin says:

    Teaching someone to kill and then expecting them to just come home and integrate back into society with no side effects is so unrealistic. You would think we would have learned this by now.

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