Jesus Freak robs same convenience store twice in one day

When a woman walked into a 7-Eleven in Washington on Sunday, she wasn’t just looking to spread the word about Jesus. According to Edgewood police, Enjoli Norde robbed the convenience store of cash and then came back for cigarettes and beer.

Pierce County Superior Court documents allege that the 34-year-old entered the store and asked the clerk, “Do you love Jesus?

She then allegedly pointed a pistol at the male clerk’s head and said, “You better love Jesus because you’re gonna die; open up your drawer…I like girls, but if you call on me I’ll come back and kill you.”

Norde ran away after leaving the 7-Eleven with $150, according to KOMO.

She returned a short while later, gun in hand, and asked the clerk what his favorite beer was while holding him at gunpoint. She then grabbed a six-pack of that beer and began loading her backpack with cigarettes after sending the clerk out into a hallway.

On her way out, Norde left the clerk a couple beers and threw $15 at him. “Something for you,” she said.

When police tracked her down at the apartment of her mother and grandmother, Norde had a pellet gun, cartons of cigarettes and cash in her possession. She was charged with robbery and harassment.

Police report noted she alternated between asking the coppers if they loved Jesus – and screaming at them in rage. I’d say she’s a little conflicted or is stuck in one of those strange corners of Christianity that prefers murder to love.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Freak robs same convenience store twice in one day

  1. Mickey says:

    An Elmore Leonard character for sure – no apparent instinct for self-preservation with whatever patience and impulse control she might have once had all shot to hell.

    • Rev. Ike says:

      Unless I missed something all she preached was ‘give me the money or else’ – which admittedly does have an ecclesiastical equivalency.

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