AIA’s 2014 top 10 green buildings in the US

The American Institute of Architects has revealed its 2014 selection of top ten green buildings in the US. As was the case with last year’s list, the judges came up with an interesting list of buildings that includes some lesser-publicized green-building projects, such as a homeless shelter, a treehouse, and even a Net-Zero energy courthouse.

Gizmag briefly covers each of the selections.

As a key part of Portland, Oregon’s decade-long effort to combat homelessness, the Bud Clark Commons building provides a safe place for vulnerable people to transition from sleeping on the streets to living in a stable home. The building features a walk-in day center, support services, 90 temporary shelter beds, and 130 furnished studio apartments which serve as permanent housing.

Green technology in the LEED Platinum project include greywater recycling, solar hot water, heat recovery ventilation, and natural daylight.

Nine more to go. All worthwhile, all interesting.

Slowly, without the kind of support green building gets in, say, Germany, without the kind of support our federal and state governments provide for fossil-fuel-burning powerplants or companies building instruments of mass murder, weapons of mass destruction – we are making progress in the United States.

Ask your Congress-critter sometime which of these categories gets what priority in their agenda.

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