Teen pregnancy rates declined in every one of the United States

Since 1986 to 1991, when U.S. pregnancy, abortion and birth rates peaked; teen pregnancy rates dropped 51 percent by 2010 and the teen abortion rate declined 66 percent and the teen birthrate declined 44 decreased.

Kathryn Kost and Stanley Henshaw of the Guttmacher Institute in New York found in 2010, about 625,000 U.S. women younger than age 20 became pregnant — 614,000 pregnancies were among teens ages 15 to 19, and another 11,000 among those age 14 and younger. Most pregnancies were among women ages 18 to 19 — this age group constituted 69 percent of teen pregnancies…

The decline in the teen pregnancy rate is great news,” lead author Kathryn Kost said in a statement.

Teen pregnancy rates declined in all 50 states from 2008 to 2010, but in 2010, New Mexico had the highest teen pregnancy rate of 80 per 1,000 women, followed by Mississippi at 76 per 1,000 women and Texas at 73 per 1,000 women; while the lowest rate was in New Hampshire with 28 per 1,000 women, Vermont at 32 per 1,000 women and Minnesota at 36 per 1,000 women.

And the answer to this question has two parts: yes, ignorance is number one for those who get pregnant young enough to have little or no idea of how to build a family much less raise a child. Number two is the clownshow that promotes this kind of ignorance.

Whether it’s the pope or Rick Perry it surely would help if they’d try functioning like sensible educated men – instead of plastic ideologues. Fortunately, the fact that people retain information that actually works – continues to take precedence over sillyspeak.

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