Fear of science, bigotry, motivate voters against Common Core standards

Sitting in the headquarters of the Wyoming Liberty Group, Susan Gore, founder of the conservative think tank, said new national science standards for schools were a form of “coercion,” adding, “I don’t think government should have anything to do with education.”

Ms. Gore, a daughter of the founder of the company that makes Gore-Tex waterproof fabric, was speaking here weeks after the Republican-controlled Legislature made Wyoming, where coal and oil are king, the first state to reject the standards, which include lessons on human impact on global warming. The pushback came despite a unanimous vote by a group of Wyoming science educators urging acceptance. Wyoming was the first state to say no, but likely not the last. A House committee in Oklahoma last week voted to reject the standards, also in part because of concerns about how climate change would be taught…

The standards “handle global warming as settled science,” State Representative Matt Teeters, a Republican from Lingle, told The Casper Star-Tribune. “There’s all kind of social implications involved in that, that I don’t think would be good for Wyoming.”

Although oil companies like Exxon and Chevron have publicly supported the Next Generation standards, Mr. Teeters told The Star-Tribune that such teaching could wreck the economy of Wyoming, the country’s largest energy exporter. Mr. Teeters, who declined requests to elaborate, was joined in his objections by Ron Micheli, chairman of the State Board of Education, who called the standards “very prejudiced, in my opinion, against fossil fuel development.”

Meanwhile in Floriduh…

Common Core may not be a well-intentioned set of improved educational standards, as supporters would have you believe, but instead a trojan horse designed to turn every schoolchild in Florida, if not America, gay.

This ominous warning came at an anti-Common Core event in March courtesy of Florida State Rep. Charles Van Zant (R). Speaking at the “Operation Education Conference” in Orlando, Van Zant warned that officials implementing Common Core in Florida are “promoting as hard as they can any youth that is interested in the LGBT agenda.”

Their aim, Van Zant warned, was to “attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can.” He then apologized to the crowd for having to be the bearer of bad news. “I really hate to bring you that news,” the Florida Republican said, “but you need to know…”

Even for a Republican Party prone to hysteria, Common Core has sent grassroots conservatives into an accelerated tailspin. Right Wing Watch has a roundup of some of the most exaggerated reactions, including an Alabama Tea Party leader saying a vote for Common Core will damn lawmakers to hell, the American Family Association warning that children won’t “survive” Common Core, Eagle Forum saying it will promote homosexuality, Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) calling it “socialism,” and WorldNetDaily saying it will turn America into Nazi Germany.

The leader of this backlash is Glenn Beck, who believes the educational standards, which have been adopted in 44 states, are “evil” and designed to “train us to be a serf state” under the rule of China and Islam.

I guess I could put up a poll and ask readers to decide whether these folks are ignorant or stupid; but, I think it would be reasonable to include variations on the theme for the sake of accuracy – demented, deluded, vicious, gullible, etc..

Thanks, Mike

4 thoughts on “Fear of science, bigotry, motivate voters against Common Core standards

  1. angrymanspeaks says:

    “That damned Common Core turned my son into a raging Queen”
    “No Child Left Behind made my daughter a Lesbian”
    “What the Hell is likely to happen if I let my Guinea Pig eat Fruit Loops?”
    And we won’t even discuss the possibilities for a “Honey Bunches of Oats” fan
    Boo Hoo; What is this country comin’ too? LOL

  2. moss says:

    Reflecting on this ignorant crap – at least the part that results from ignorance instead of sheer backwardness – I have to condemn our mediocre education system. I hate to say “used to be” – but, used to be that even when schools didn’t succeed in teaching science to a kid who just didn’t get it at least they could slather on a layer of understanding of the importance of science to humankind, society and even the growth of our country’s economy.

    Followed by doing the same with civics.

    Last few decades and more – I think they’ve substituted whatever pleases the most politicians, local, statewide or federal. And that’s probably always a mistake.

    • nicknielsensc says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case here. Too many of those screaming about Common Core and socialism are the older generation who would have been those working with that layer of understanding you mention.

      In short, speaking as a ‘Child of the 60s’, they are my contemporaries.

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