Followers keep guru in freezer just in case he’s only meditating — not dead

Like – “Don’t put me in that freezer!”

The Punjab High Court in India has been asked to determine whether a Hindu spiritual leader is dead or in a deep state of meditation.

His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj, one of the wealthiest gurus in the country, reportedly died of a heart attack in January. His followers disagree, claiming that Maharaj has gone into deep Samadhi or meditation. His disciples have put his body in a freezer at his Ashram for preservation until he wakes.

His estate will remain under the control of the Ashram until he is declared dead. His family has called on an Indian high court to determine whether Muharaj is actually dead or reached the next level of transcendence.

“Maharaj has been in deep meditation. He has spent many years meditating in sub-zero temperatures in the Himalayas, there is nothing unusual in it. He will return to life as soon as he feels and we will ensure his body is preserved until then,” said one of the guru’s aides.

Dilip Jha, Muharaj’s son, claims his father’s followers are only saying he is alive so they can continue to have access to his fortune.

Probably could get away with the same hustle in most theocracies. Like Mississippi.

Support for action on climate change ranges from the Pope to military brass

alberta oil sand petroleum coke piles
The altar where the Koch Bros worship

As the Obama administration unveils its plan to slash carbon pollution from U. S. power plants, the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church and former top brass in the U. S. military have each issued proclamations in support of climate protection.

In recent weeks, Pope Francis and a group of 16 retired U. S. military admirals and generals called separately and unequivocally for action to safeguard humanity by protecting the planet…

Calling the exploitation and destruction of nature a “sin,” Pope Francis told his flock to see the Creation not as “property, which we can rule over at will,” but as “a gift.” He called on humanity to be “not Masters of Creation” but “Custodians of Creation.”

For their part, the former military leaders issued an update to their landmark 2007 report, which had branded global climate change “a threat multiplier,” aggravating stressors that breed terrorist activity and other forms of violence.

Now, just seven years later, citing the impacts of extreme weather, such as “prolonged drought and flooding – and resulting food shortages, desertification, population dislocation and mass migration, and sea level rise,” this elite group of three and four-star admirals and generals has come together again to warn that in many areas climate impacts will be more than threat multipliers: they will be “catalysts for instability and conflict.”

The former military leaders note that more than 97 percent of climate scientists agree that the world is warming and that human actions are the primary cause. They call for the United States to lead global efforts to develop a more sustainable and efficient energy system to slow the pace of destructive climate impacts…

Ignoring reality may be key to much of populist ideology – especially the bits and pieces ruled by fundamentalist nonsense – but, we move closer every day, every month, to a point in environmental time where some of the effects of man-made climate change become irreversible.

Phony conservatives who prate about fiscal responsibility now demonstrate the worst possible example of the ideal they pretend to hold to their heart of hearts. Hypocrisy appears to be an epidemic disease among the crowd who serve as willing servants to the fossil fuel industries whether paid directly – or clinging to their agitprop like a remora to a dying shark.

That the Pope embraces the evidence of science, that military leaders work to prevent war, is admirable. That politicians and pundits continue to pimp for the slimeballs oozing from the bilge of the Chamber of Commerce is disgusting.

Thanks, Mike