Pic of the Day

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A Wisconsin based jerky company commissioned the building of “Meat Rushmore,” a replica of Mount Rushmore constructed from jerky, in New York City…

Meat Rushmore measured 13 feet high and 17 feet wide…Almost 1,600 pounds of beef, pork and turkey jerky were used to build the monument’s base.

There’s hardly anything wrong with American culture that isn’t included in this self-promoting “artwork”.

2 thoughts on “Pic of the Day

  1. moss says:

    Extra salt, extra sugar, if you’re lucky the remaining crap chemicals added for a decade shelf life are water-based instead of antifreeze. Represents every disgusting processed product made to suck profits from lazy consumers.

    Eid – you should tell folks how Helen saves beaucoup dollar$ making her own hard cider instead of buying beer.

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