America’s leading homophobes called for a rally and [just about] no one came!

I will admit that before NOM’s March for Straight Marriage yesterday, I was a little worried that it could do harm to our cause. I was worried that it might begin to roll back public opinion, possibly leading to a reluctance among judges to invalidate marriage discrimination laws.

But the rally has not only invalidated my worries, it’s actually made me more confident of winning than ever before.

I went to just before 11, intending to watch the speakers at the rally. The thing I was looking out for most was an overtly homophobic statement by a speaker. It fortunately didn’t come…

I noticed that there was only one camera, and it was always fixed on the speaker, and never on the audience. That may be explained by the fact that the audience never erupted in rapturous cheering and applause. The most they could ever muster was a half-hearted cheer, and a weak waving of their pink and blue flags. They didn’t seem too thrilled or enthused…

When Ruben Diaz spoke, he and his translator were ready to explode out of the vitriolic rage that comes from losing endlessly. He said that when prayer was taken out of public schools, Satan moved in…

I watched for about an hour-and-a-half, until I didn’t have the energy or concentration to keep going. The speakers were repetitive, unoriginal, and said nothing I haven’t heard before. It did not seem to be the historic event NOM trumped it up as.

Eventually, photos began to roll in of the audience, and I began to sense that I wasn’t the only one who got bored. Here’s NOM’s grassroots supporters:

Last year, NOM reported that over 10,000 people attended its rally during the DOMA/Prop 8 arguments…

At this rally…From The Washington Times: Hundreds march in defense of traditional marriage

Keep in mind, The Washington Times was the official media sponsor of the March. Not even the March’s official sponsor can bring itself to claim that there were a thousand people there.

RTFA for a record of the days, weeks and months of sloganeering, prayers calling for a march to the past, and on and on. Boring, yes. Effective, productive, not a chance.

NOM put all their energy, time and buck$ into this rally, trying to affect the Supreme Court – and it flopped. The LGBT community has to have more hope and confidence than ever. Americans who believe in equal opportunity for every citizen can see the rewards of their toil for so many years – waiting on the horizon of freedomland.

US military has managed to crash more than 400 drones in the past 13 years

More than 400 large US military drones have crashed around the world in the past 13 years, a Washington Post investigation has found.

The Post obtained documents detailing accidents including collisions with homes, farms, runways, roads, waterways and even an air force transport plane in midair. Several drones vanished while at cruising altitude and were lost.

In April, an army drone crashed next to an elementary-school playground in Pennsylvania; in 2012 an unmanned navy surveillance aircraft nose-dived and ignited a wildfire in Maryland.

Of the 418 major drone crashes since September 2001 that the newspaper identified, about half happened in Iraq and Afghanistan and nearly a quarter were in the US. Almost 200 of the crashes were classed by the military as “class A”, meaning they destroyed the aircraft or caused at least $2 million worth of damage, though no loss of life was attributed to the accidents. Problems included pilot error, mechanical failure and communications challenges.

Though unmanned aircraft have long been used by the US military in overseas operations and by US border patrol, their safety is of particular concern as they are set to become a common feature of civilian life in America within a couple of years…

Congress told the Federal Aviation Administration to come up with a plan allowing commercial drones access to US airspace by September 2015, but the agency is unlikely to meet that deadline given the complexity of drafting safety regulations.

I’m only addressing the question of small civilian drones.

Think of all the things that can go wrong just because amateurs are farting around with devices that can get into real trouble. In most states, RC planes are controlled by state and local regulations. There are limitations to how and when and where they can be flown.

Right now, it’s legally a hobby. One I might even enjoy myself. But, I don’t think the wildlife and especially the raptors and snakes we specialize in watching in the bosque would appreciate the more-or-less-synchronized noise of several small-displacement rotors buzzing over their turf while they try to live a normal day hunting for their next meal.

There are beaucoup useful and productive tasks small unmanned vehicles can accomplish. The same is true for casual or professional creative work. Licensed, insured, flown by operators of proven ability. Keep on rocking in the Free World.

Piglets probed over Parliament security breach in Uganda

Two piglets are being examined by police in Uganda for “terrorism-related material” after being let loose in parliament by anti-corruption protesters.

Reports say the animals were daubed in the colours of the governing party with slogans alleging MPs are corrupt.

Two protesters are in custody awaiting trial following the incident earlier this week in the capital Kampala.

Several police on duty at the time were suspended over the security breach…They face charges of neglect of duty, spokeswoman Polly Namaye told AFP news agency.

As for the piglets, she said it was “standard practice” to test for terrorism-related material as “there could have been another motive other than a protest”…

The protesters, Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise, face charges of criminal trespass, conspiracy to sneak piglets into parliament and interrupting parliament work.

The two, who call themselves “the jobless brotherhood network”, accuse lawmakers of corruption and extravagant spending.

On any reasonable scale of protest vs size of corruption and veniality, I guess we’d need a passel of giant hogs for Congress. Painted red, white and blue, of course.

I wouldn’t expect exploding pigs, though.