Steve Terrell gets his first robocall of the 2014 political season

It’s Starting …

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 by Steve Terrell at his blog at the Santa Fe NEW MEXICAN

I checked my personal email a few minutes ago and noticed I’d received a call on my home phone. Here’s what it looked like (transcript courtesy of the robots at Comcast, copied and pasted exactly as it appeared, question marks and all):

“Hi this is Gary I’m very sorry I missed you. I’m a volunteer and I was just calling to let you know about Doctor Mike street(?) he wants to stand up for New Mexico in the US House of Representatives. my(?) … with-the-mexico(?) for fifty five years now and he he understands our state and our district extremely well next week with the scientist engineer physicist-instead(?) the mathematician with the PhD in applied mathematics from MIT. He’s also Maggie here and both his(?) bachelors and Masters from the Mexico State University. Doctor Mike Reed wants to be your representative in Washington but in the meantime he is working to make Mexico a better place with his-own(?) small business. My free there’s-been(?) a contractor and the sub contractor(?) supporting our Air Force national ads for the past twenty five years. Well. Thank you very much for your time and for considering Doctor Mike from-with-your(?) thoughts about the one(?) … bye have a great day.”

Steve Terrell is one of the best political reporters in any local/state/regional scene around the nation. Major newspapers agree with me – say no more. They read his writing to find out what’s going on in New Mexico. So do I – and enjoy an extra chuckle in the process.

I’m not certain which is least competent – whoever drafted this political robocall or the Comcast robots transcribing and emailing the contents to Steve. But, it makes for enjoyable reading albeit mostly incomprehensible.

2 thoughts on “Steve Terrell gets his first robocall of the 2014 political season

  1. Norteño says:

    Lots of push polling being done now by the GOP: “if the election was held today would you vote for [insert name of Democrat] if you knew he feasts on the flesh of unborn babies?”

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