What the Taliban buy when shopping for themselves

140 pairs of tidy whities, bro’

An army offensive in Taliban-dominated tribal areas of Pakistan has caused large numbers of people to flee to safer regions. Among them is shopkeeper Rasheed Rehman, who until recently counted Taliban fighters among his best customers…

Miranshah is the administrative capital of North Waziristan, close to the Afghan border. Rasheed says he had a large shop in the main market there, selling all manner of cosmetics, socks and stockings, and a few electronic items.

He says he used to earn between 100,000 and 115,000 rupees a day, and that Taliban militants were the biggest spenders. According to Rasheed, they would buy plenty of goods on every visit – and they wouldn’t haggle to get prices reduced.

“They used to prefer foreign or branded perfumes and imported body sprays. They liked the ones with a strong scent.”

In fact, Rasheed would travel especially to Islamabad and Lahore in order to procure the kind of imported merchandise the Taliban preferred…

The perfumes they bought for their womenfolk included one called Secret Love, and Blue Lady by Rasasi.

They would ask for Head and Shoulders or Clear shampoo and Dove soap.

When it came to underwear, they preferred it white – briefs or Y fronts…

Another shopkeeper from Miranshah, Sohail Masih, a tailor, confirms that the Taliban would invariably be the best customers in the market, spending 2,000 to 3,000 rupees at a time – for many people that would be two weeks’ salary.

“They would drive to my shop in big white cars with black-tinted windows and had no qualms about doling out wads of cash,” he says.

“The kind of things they would buy, well people like me can’t even conceive of buying them.”

Pointing out once again that we’re dealing with run-of-the-mill bandits, folks. Neither the average Pashtun or Pakistani nor fixated Tea Party Islamophobes have their history or facts straight. Just because gangsters and thugs claim their mission is grounded in some variant of a religion doesn’t make it so.

And that ain’t new. Petty despots have claimed their mission is one of fighting for religious freedom, ethnic liberation, sectarian justice – time and again. A significant part of the trouble is the “other side” of the conflict is often just as willing to accept that crap lie as advocacy because it fits their own matrix of hate.

7 thoughts on “What the Taliban buy when shopping for themselves

  1. keaneo says:

    The only difference between the Taliban and the Tea Party is the latter is funded by the Koch Brothers who steal from the whole country. The Taliban just robs banks.

  2. DISUM says:

    Re: illustration – this is a U.S. DoD photo of a U.S. special forces 4-door, dual-cab Toyota Tacoma Non-standard Tactical Vehicle (NSTV) in service in Afghanistan. Note the M240b 7.62mm machine gun with Raptor night sight mounted on a roll-bar fitted behind the cab. The petrol-driven V-6 engines were quieter than the diesel ones found in the GMV.
    United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) purchased a number of Toyota Tacomas, mostly 4-door dual-cab versions, from the U.S. These were modified at Fort Campbell before being shipped to Afghanistan. Modifications included:
    * custom-made mount for a belt-fed machine gun such as a M240 or M249, typically fitted on a roll-bar behind the cabin
    * normal headlights replaced with infrared lamps to be used in conjunction with night vision
    * all interior and exterior lights were removed or disconnected e.g. brake lights, cabin lights as well as any warning buzzers
    * antennae for VHF, UHF and satellite communications
    * Blue Force Tracker units were added
    * a winch was installed

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