DEA has been paying an Amtrak snitch for passenger lists for almost 20 years

The Drug Enforcement Administration paid an Amtrak employee for passenger lists instead of working with Amtrak police, an inspector general’s report said.

The employee, a secretary who chose to retire after her relationship with the DEA was uncovered, reportedly received $854,460 over almost two decades. The DEA payments began in 1995.

The quarterly report done by the Amtrak inspector general said that Amtrak police would have received the same amount in forfeited assets if the DEA had instead worked with the national rail passenger agency.

The information was discovered by a congressional staffer going through the quarterly report, which was dated June 30…

The chief pimps for Washington’s War on Drugs are so worried about transparency they have relied on paid snitches on government payrolls rather than their peers in law enforcement.

One more example of the secret police mentality built-in to our government. This example has been going on for almost 20 years. And you think crap like the Patriot Act is the beginning of a police state in America? Cripes!

One thought on “DEA has been paying an Amtrak snitch for passenger lists for almost 20 years

  1. Ko-Ko says:

    So the DEA has compiled a list of suspected and/or potential drug traffickers which over 20 years has enabled the agency to seize at least $854,460 worth of forfeited assets from Amtrack passengers …wonder how much their arrangement with the airlines has raked in and who might have been the lucky beneficiary of that.

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