Comfortably Numb

Thanks, Ursarodinia

She knows how close my mind and heart are to Pink Floyd. This isn’t her most recent suggestion; but, it’s how I’m feeling tonight.

I look at numbers from some of the pollsters who suggest gerrymandering by Republicans, the incompetence of the gutless wonders in the Democratic Party [excepting the Greens, Gays and Lesbians, Black, Brown and Red Caucuses, Feminists and Grayheads – who all know better but stay stuck into the 2-party shithole] – will probably result in this ignorant land settling deeper into a bog of complacent whining and self-pity this coming mid-term elections.

At least there is music leftover from times when young and old were courageous instead of concerned about their social network presence.

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Lifetime political activist. Cranky old Geek. Green. Progressive.
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3 Responses to Comfortably Numb

  1. It’s one of the many reasons I hide inside the music of Pearl Jam. They beg their fans to get informed and involved! Here’s one Green, Feminist, Grayhead (when she doesn’t color her roots on time) who is still fighting the uphill battle for hope and change in this country!

  2. Pops says:

    “Remember what the Dormouse said;”

  3. Heartstrings says:

    Great photos: “Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards hangs out with daughter Theodora backstage at talk show… as she talks about ‘strict upbringing'”

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