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Anonymity for lottery winners is respected in China. But, regulations require winners to show up publicly to claim their winnings. So, a tradition has grown of winners arriving in disguise, in costume.

This week – the largest win in history happened – half a billion yuan/ab’t 80 million US dollars.

The winner chose to be a comic book bear.

4 thoughts on “Pic of the Day

    • moss says:

      He gambled and won. From what I’ve read, he bought lottery tickets for years – as do many. Folks pretty much agree they have a right to gamble. Anything from horses to tiddley-winks. Someone wins, everyone else loses. Some lotteries pay lip service to a charity, some fund a lot. Here in NM there is a large college scholarship fund. By our standards.

      Overall, a win like this doesn’t affect many people and in our culture, the majority of winners go on the screw up their lives. Dunno if elsewhere is different. Though I worked with a lottery winner from Palestine who used the winnings to move his extended family here to the States – send everyone through school including himself – learned a trade and worked happy at what he did when I knew him.

      • inmycorner says:

        I have, on the very odd occasion, purchased a lottery ticket hoping I would be the winner. I do wonder what I would really do if I were to win? It is easy to speculate, I know. It is much more difficult to jump into a brand new “culture of wealth” and be able to navigate having had no experience. In the grand scheme of things – it just seems odd that one person could hold more wealth than at least half the population of the world. I know money is not everything and would not change poverty – but maybe it should come with “responsibility”. This predicament has always fascinated me. Again, I wonder what I would do?

    • Gweilo says:

      According to NBC news the winner said he now plans to do charity work.
      As I understand it, the traditional Chinese concept of fate and luck is different from the Western view. First of all one’s fate is seen as being to set at birth and something that is knowable and predictable, so while there are choices in one’s life, but there are definite limits. Luck however is regarded as being variable with time and something that’s determined by the ebb and flow of Ch’i, a form of energy that’s thought to pervade all things and ultimately as predictable as the weather or the stock market. In any case, if you can know or can determine the condition of your luck, you can base your actions on how strong it is at that time. When it’s good, one takes risks and advantage of opportunities, but when it’s not, one remains still while waiting for the tide to turn. Thus gambling traditionally serves as a means for gauging one’s luck and the potential for one’s success in other more important endeavors.

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