Republican Governor has Black woman photoshopped into his website

In an effort to sway black voters his way, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has tried to make his re-election campaign more minority-friendly by including a photo of himself standing next to a smiling African American woman on his website.

The only problem is – this heartwarming scene never actually happened. Corbett’s campaign got the black woman from a stock photo and Photoshopped her in!

Before this Photoshop scandal was exposed and went viral, the faux feel-good image was the footer of Corbett’s website and appeared on every single page. It has since been switched out for a different photo, but here’s what was originally there:


Thanks, SmartAlix

6 thoughts on “Republican Governor has Black woman photoshopped into his website

    • Synthespian says:

      Also a more common practice then one might imagine. See for instance a U.S. congressman’s attempt to damage his rival’s reputation with a photoshopped image showing him with Barack Obama. Apart from illustrating that never being photographed with the leader of the country in which you serve as a senator is important, this also indicates it’s possible to become a member of congress without knowing that reverse Google Image Search exists.

    • P.T. says:

      Politicians are after all just another product to be sold and in the advertising business there are few limits to the techniques that can be used to try to influence public perception and choice. However, as is the case with other con games, the first rule is to never get caught by doing anything that interrupts, and therefor calls into question, the narrative or ‘image’ which has been carefully created and is maintained by a suspension of disbelief. Insofar as other products are concerned the Division of Advertising Practices of the Federal Trade Commission is supposed to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive advertising and marketing practices that raise health and safety concerns, as well as those that cause economic injury. See for instance the classic case of the marbles in the soup

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