Heart donated from 5-year-old — shot while sitting in grandpa’s lap

The heart that belonged to Laylah Petersen, the 5-year-old Wisconsin girl shot in the head in her living room last week, will go on beating for another child.

Laylah was killed Thursday as she sat in her grandfather’s lap when an unknown gunman sprayed their Milwaukee home with about a dozen bullets…

“Quite frankly, at this point we’re befuddled as to motive for this crime,” said Capt. Aaron Raap, commander of the Metropolitan Investigations Division. “Normally when we respond to shootings of individuals in most circumstances that victim is the intended target of that shooting.”

“In this case, at this point, we believe that this bullet read ‘to whom it may concern.’ And that concerns all of us and it should concern everybody in our community.”

Still, investigators believe the shooting was targeted because all 12 bullets they believe were fired hit just one house. Police say it’s possible the shooters had the wrong house.

The Milwaukee branch of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said there was a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

No word, yet, on a statement from the NRA. We expect something like their usual…”if she was only carrying a Smith & Wesson handgun this never would have happened.”

It’s especially important to mention one of the brands they pimp for.

2 thoughts on “Heart donated from 5-year-old — shot while sitting in grandpa’s lap

  1. moss says:

    Take this as a snapshot of the racism infecting American conservatism. Rightwing blogs blather that nothing is more important about little Laylah’s death than that she was part of a white family living in a predominantly Black community. Nothing else counts. This is all that drives rumors, fears, demented gossip masquerading as the “real truth” covered up by media, police and politicians. (Must be no Tea Party bigots holding power positions in local politics).

    Yet, search for this girl’s name and wander through the images available and you see gatherings mixed by color and ethnicity. A family that is part of the whole community. A community saddened and angered by this senseless death.

    A situation only made worse by racist hopes flowing like pus from the hearts and mouths of conservative bigots.

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