Grandmas smoking pot for the first time

Smoking dope for the first time? Mid-1950’s with a fellow poet in the ghetto where his cousin lived. Of course, the weed was mellower, less powerful than even homegrown, nowadays – decades later. First offense, back then, caught with a joint was seven years hard time.

Daniel and I would bake some cornbread and play chess till dawn. I haven’t the slightest recollection who won – or how.

Only a few years later, I quit smoking anything; so, the odd toke at a party seemed stronger every year. And sometimes it would be a dozen years in between.

The last time was still in the 20th Century. At the wet opening of a one-man show here in New Mexico. The artist wanted to sell one of his paintings to a bud of mine who’d invited me to the opening. He trotted out his best local homegrown weed and we each had a couple of tokes. At least that was all I had. It knocked me for a loop and I had to leave before I ended up paralyzed on a couch.

I think it took me three weeks to drive home. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Grandmas smoking pot for the first time

  1. angrymanspeaks says:

    Hmmm. I just might have to try that there Marihoochie stuff. *If’n* they ever legalize it in my state; of course

    Course; what with Larry Hogan in the Governor’s Mansion, there’ll be blue meanies running amok down in Annapolis; stopping any and all attempts to cause a break-out of freedom. Safest thing for Marylanders to do now is bolt the big heavy oak door and; what? Well get a big heavy oak door. Got it? Good. Bolt it and hunker down in the corner. With luck; the new governor’s Storm-troopers will pass us by without *”sniffing” *around; if you take me meanin’ “Gov”.

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