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The lies, the rationales, the bullshit reasons offered up by coppers who know they’re absolutely in the wrong – never change. Quite literally, I have been hearing this crap for over 60 years. I have been on the streets confronting the delusions of fairness and equity that everyone knows we’re supposed to have – even back in the day of Jim Crow laws around this hypocritical nation – since I was a teenager.

We’ve never had a government that could be counted on at any level, city, state or federal, that voluntarily took up the fight for equal opportunity for all Americans. Yes, there were laws passed after noisy battles in law-making bodies. Politicians pat themselves on the back for getting things done.

What you and I have to remember – and the political hacks, Republican or Democrat, will never admit – is that ordinary folks in the company of hundreds and thousands of our peers pushed and shoved, marched and confronted death and danger for decades to get any movement at all from the heroes who get their paintings on the walls of government. They needed their arms twisted then. They still do.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Day

  1. Elfego says:

    “In the past five years, police in the state of Utah have killed more people than gang members or drug dealers. They also outnumber deaths from child abuse, or homicide by intimate partners, according to an analysis done by the Salt Lake Tribune.
    The study highlights a growing concern in the United States that deadly force by police officers could be a serious public safety problem, according to police watchdogs.
    The Salt Lake Tribune reviewed nearly 300 homicide cases from the last five years, using media reports, state crime statistics, medical-examiner records and court records. The figures reveal that use of force by police is the second-most common reason that people are killed in the state, the first being intimate partner violence. However, according to reports by the Free Thought Project, police killings surpassed homicides by intimate partners this year.”

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